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Saturday, June 12, 2010


Today it rain. We have had massive flooding in my area and the rain keeps coming.
Some people have lost homes, yards and much much more.
Still the rain keeps coming.

Don't get me wrong I love rain.
I have even written poems about rain
but really this is June in Utah.
It's time for the sun to come out and play for a little while.


The pitter patter 
the soft thrumming sound.
The way the air smells
whenever you come around.

The way it cleans
the things that grow
Water falling
is beautiful I know.

So this is today's poem, and I am now done with rain for a while. I would like the flooding to stop. I have a lot of things on my list to do - most of which are outside.
I really need to tackle the jungle growing in front of my home. I have pulled, plucked, poisoned and trampled but the rain keeps them growing. I am growing very very frustrated with this. I want a chance to plant my flowers, to grow the things that I want grown.

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