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Friday, June 4, 2010

Swamp cooler fixed and cleaned

With the temperature growing higher each day we set to work last week fixing our broken swamp cooler.
It broke at the very end of last season
being short of finance's we opted to wait for this season.

Five days ago Hubby climbs up the roof fixes the part that is broken and we turn it on.
Our luck stays true and another two parts immediately break.
Its a real good thing I have a sense of humor about my life.

So we run to the store get new parts new pads and voila tonight we start fixing.
Yeah hubby makes big mistake and decides to hose out the swamp cooler without 
asking me to put down towels first.
I was busy cutting, fitting and cleaning to notice what he was doing.


Sense of humor remember?


Me either!

LOL I lost it when I walked up my porch into a mud splattered home.
I had to wash, scrub, and then wash and scrub the kids who of course had to help as well

This picture is from earlier this morning
Little man does not like cold things
he does like Popsicle's after they are melted
being a very smart boy he  problem solves.
Hence the straw - he is drinking his melted Popsicle.

My wonderful dastardly duo!

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