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Wednesday, June 9, 2010



So after trying medifast and staying true to the program I lost a whole 11 pds.
Worth 360.00 a month?
Not really
Hubby has lost 67 pds on medifast so we will continue to buy it for him.

We think the problem is that while the medifast meals are 110 calories and low fat they have anywhere from
200 sodium to 460 sodium per meal.
This is to high for my body.
I need about half the daily intake more than that and I gain water weight and then start to have health issues.

Which is why I have switched from medifast to the 100 calorie snack packs on average they have less salt.
Not to mention taste better and have 10 calories less per meal.

I am still following the medifast plan five snacks a day three hours apart with a lean and green meal for dinner.
I have substituted the snack packs as well as yogurt shakes, low fat string cheese am and now using the 
Alli pill with my lean and green meal at night.
I will of course take my multivitamin to make sure I am not losing vitamins.

So I am down 13 pds since I started
I am still under 200 pds 
not by much but below is still better than above.
I am also still losing and still working on getting thiner.

Will keep you updated

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Tired Mom said...

Good luck sweetie! I know you can do it!

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