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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Home Made

For all those that follow this blog or my food blog - you know that over the last 8 months I have begun the road to waking up. Walking out of depression and into who I was before.
Now that I am more alert, awake, my house is relatively clean, I finally have time to start up something I have ALWAYS wanted to do.
Start making my own products at home. Everything from Laundry Soap to Ant Killer. I have done several small things already like my Home Made Bug Spray.

I will be chronicling them one by one - the good, the Amazing and of course the failures.
In a year or two I may compile the best of the best into a photo blog book and offer for sale on my blog - depending on how many and how well it goes over.
No worries all recipes will be posted on my blog for free - the book idea is only if people want one nice collection with photos ect easy at hand.

Since I am using the newer layout on my food blog I have added two pages to the top of the blog labeled Home Made. One is for personal products like deodorant & bug spray. The other is for Home Products like dish washing soap & glass cleaners.

Since Blogger has not yet fixed the issue of befriending on the new layout I will also be adding in links to my regular posts for those that would like to read them.
Life has been very busy for me, so busy, I haven't even had time to pick out what I am going to cook for Valentines day! EEK!


High Heeled Life said...

WOW!! how exciting... looking forward to reading about your adventures with this. And the book is a fabulous idea. xo HHL

Evelyn said...

I love, LOVE making homemade stuff! I've done a lot of cleaners, but not personal care stuff, so I'm excited to see how it all goes for you!

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