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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Renewal and is Pinterest for you?

For those new to my blog if you want the full story please read the links under - The Path to Me - page on the page bar of my blog.

Why? Well because that is where the story starts for me. I went into deep depression and then it became a habit. Not thinking, feeling, focusing or caring is a very dangerous apathetic habit.
Only with the help of depression meds (that all sorts of studies say don't work, I say after six years of trying to pull my self up - Oh Hell Yes they do!) was I able to start to wake my brain back up. To fully sleep at night, and truly awake in the morning.

At first the task is daunting. I am so behind in everything. The whole house must be cleaned, organized, sorted and redone. Things that have been long put off are finally caught up on - many times I want to return to numbness as the ever growing list of things to do, and people who are watching, continue to grow.
The pressure I am sure would crush many, for me it only serves to make me angry.
For me though, that's a good thing - I clean better when I am angry.

For six months I battle before I even feel like I am finally getting ahead of things! Its a very long slow process.
Being awake again, has brought new things to my attention and has again sparked my creative side!
I started making and fixing more things at home (darning, repairing, reusing & Home Made products) and then I joined pinterest.

Where I found a new organizing tip! Instead of shelving your sheets like grandma did, you fold the whole set top, fitted & extra's INSIDE the matching pillow case!
Brilliant! I only wish I had done this when the kids were younger! Night time bed changes would have been so much easier!
No digging or searching just add them into piles - boys, girls, king, queen & twin. Voila!

Also going through my linen closet I was able to determine which sheets were loners - extras - leftovers.

Instead of throwing these away 
I'm going to start a scrap quilt.
Now a scrap quilt is much different then the beautiful quilts you see with patterns.
However, I will save all of that for another post ;).

Also I made our family a chore chart - I keep getting in trouble for NOT being a mind reader! I do a ton of work but because it's NOT what HE wanted done - he's not happy. I know, I feel his pain too - boo hoo!
Now he can write down one thing and I can write down one thing! Brilliant!

Now on to Pinterest and if it's for you!
First off many wonder what pinterest is and if its for them.
Here are the basic questions I have to help you.

1. Do you often find recipes, blogs, tips, hints & good ideas and say - That Rocks!
2. Do you do, How to - Do-It-Yourself or crafting projects?
3. Do you like gardening? cooking? scrapbooking? -------- fill in any hobby right here!
4. Do you like to keep up on certain products or items?
5. Have ever found something (online) that makes you say OMG! That is amazing! 

If you have answered a loud yes to more than 3 of the 5 questions and you don't have a pinterest YOU NEED IT. If you answered with a mild yes to 3 or more, you would like pinterest and get on every few weeks as needed.
If you only said yes to one or two - pinterest may or may not be for you - you should give it a try and decide then.
If you shook your head No, or didn't even understand half the questions -Pinterest is not for you - most possibly neither is the internet.

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