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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Prissy's Allergies

Today I hit Shopko - ordered new glasses (very excited!) Then rushed out and picked up Prissy from school.
I don't know which one of us was more nervous, her or me.

The majority of her allergies I already knew or could have guessed only one really surprised me.
She is allergic to dogs.

Thankfully our dog is a Shih Tzu one of the few dog breeds born with real hair - not fur. Allowing people allergic to pet dander to have a safe pet.
This means that the times my girl has played with him and then gotten swollen eyes - the things he has rolled in outside in our yard are only partly the reason - she may still have a slight allergy to the oils from his skin.
Now when she plays with our dog she will need to wash more often.

She is allergic to several dyes red 40 & Blue 5 are the most prominent. Possibly a preservative (still hard to test to for) Most likely Lilacs (we have to wait until they are in season to test for them).

Cats, Dogs, cocklebur, lambs quarters, pigweed, dock/sorrel mix, sagebrush, plantain, ragweed, masrshelder, scale kochia, russian thistle, greenwood & alfalfa.

As for her possible metal allergies I have to make an appointment with a dermatologist to get those tests done. Busy, busy, busy!
With her its always one thing after another!

For friends and family with pets - this allergist has prescribed better antihistamines to help her be around pets for short periods of time.
She has also be prescribed a stronger asthma medication to help re-gain control of her asthma.

What a strange crazy life! Once all of her testing is done, we will get her an allergy bracelet.

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Celia M. c. said...

Prissy ... so happy that your furbaby has hair (just like our Yorkie, Dolce). hope you are feeling better!! xo HHL

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