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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentines Day Pampering

First off I stated by taking the kids to school - if you want a nice morning of pampering getting rid of the kids is a MUST!
Next I made my version of Lemon Sugar Scrub, substituting Lime for Lemon - you can also use a scented oil - I wouldn't I really like the acid of of the citrus it gets rid of all sorts of smells - including garlic.

I cleaned the bathtub - I know most people already have a clean tub - but if I am going in for a nice long soak I like to double check.
Made the water as hot as I could - added some bath salts, soaked, shaved, relaxed, inhaled my scentsy and just was.
After washing my hair & adding in the conditioner I emptied out the tub (I know you wondering where all this detail is going - be patient) then I grabbed my new scrub and rubbed it every where decent you can apply it.
Here's the thing. For those of you out there that like salt scrubs - they dry out your skin. The do exfoliate - but they also damage.
Using salts in your bath is a good way to prep your body to shed skin - without drying out your skin.
Sugar scrubs are just as exfoliating (I think they are a little better due to smaller granules).

Then of course I washed off under hot - then warm water. Ending the shower on a colder tone help to re-close the pores.

Also side note: another bonus to using a sugar scrub instead of a salt is if you end up accidentally liking your fingers it isn't that gross.

After then I pat dried and sat in my towel allowing the rest of the oil to soak into my skin for at least half an hour.
My skin hasn't felt this great in years - why? - because I rarely take time to take care of myself.
Take a moment figure out when you can pamper yourself for just a little bit - turn one regular part of your routine into something extra special.
This is cheap - easy and WONDERFUL!

The above recipe is normally for Hand Scrub - do not use to often on your body or you will also hurt your skin!

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