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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tea Patio Dreams

We all have hopes and dreams.
My simple dream for the longest time, was to have a home.
A home with a fenced yard, with space for a garden and a play area for the kids.
God rewarded our waiting with more than we had hoped for.

One of the hidden gems of my house is the fact that my home comes with TWO yards.
One for the kids
One for me.

Technically its my dream garden area, however there is also room for a Tea patio!

I really want two different sized bed swings hanging from under my Tea Patio with a small tea table in the middle.
Here are some Swing links I was able to find!
Where to buy Porch Bed Swings
Plans on how to make your own

Some other ideas for both my tea patio and the kids is play area

Where to buy the Plans for the two story play house
How to build a Deck Top Pond
Where to buy the sandbox (uk) sorry US haven't found it here yet.
How to build the cement mushroom accent borders
And (no photo added) How to build a Trellis

Yes I am dreaming big!
However my BFF last year gave us all the wood from her old porch and this summer we are going to be tackling some of these projects using that wood!
Saving money and the wood from the dump! Reduce & Re-purpose!

This project will be several years in the making, however, it will be such a wonderful haven once its complete!


Tired Mom said...

Love the plans! =D

High Heeled Life said...

Wonderful plans!! I can't wait to see how you put your wonderful creative spirit to work! especially the tea patio!! xo Blessings..HHL

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