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Friday, September 3, 2010

Babies and Reasons to be Angry!

My babies when they were little!

click the link watch my babies dance - this is from almost three years ago! My hubby found this gem last night while backing up his computer!

This was lucky because I really needed to see something really cute! Right now I want to hurt people and as soon as I am done with my loan I am slamming this company on every review site I can find!!!!!!!
We had to pay 350.+ to extend our deadline with HUD meaning we will now be closing (hopefully) on sept 14 or 15 due to our loan company who was too damn stupid and lazy to read our paperwork - so do they have to pay the late fee fine? NO - I DO! If they are stupid enough to think I am going to take this, bend over and say thank you they are seriously messed up in the head. I am putting in official complaints to HUD, FHA and of course every review site that can be found along with the BBB.
Their future customers have the right to know that they won't read the bottom of the paperwork, that they won't check their fax machines and that they will sit on the paperwork causing everyone else inconvenience but themselves.

So instead of the loan process taking us five to six weeks, this has become an almost two month process and my patience with their lack of professionalism has gone!

ps. The only reason we are using these particular lenders is because FHA choose them for us and told us we needed to go through them.


Dawn Marie said...

I am so very sorry that they have been so ignorant and incompetent. We will be praying for you.

Blessed Rain said...

Thank you! I really do need the prayer, especially that we do finally close!

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