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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Don't Itch

 Friday the second after we closed on our home my hubby took off to pick up our new puppy dog Patch. We have been working on house training him and unpacking the house all at the same time.

Last night Prissy got very sick and threw up on the dog. After quickly taking care of Prissy, Hubby and I bathed the dog. Hubby is much better with animals than I am, however, Patch wants to be my shadow.

This would not be a problem if I didn't have some extreme strange allergies. I am fine with dogs - normally. What I can't handle is when I get scratched by their nails. Something I forget because I rarely get scratched.

Last night during Patches first bath I got extremely scratched up, by the time we were done my arm was on fire, it was red with welts and had already started swelling.

I spent the next little while, searching through all the boxes searching for my benadryl. After several long minutes and a bath I caved and drank down the children's bottle.

For those that don't have severe skin allergies, you may not understand this. I spent the next several hours holding still and thinking don't itch, don't scratch, don't move. This is something that is not easy when it the desire to itch moves from place to place as your body is trying to rid its self of this new containment.

This morning as I sit at my computer I still feel several strong desires to scratch and I am still just as nervous about scratching.

Don't Itch!


Dawn Marie said...

That is awful, I hope you find your adult Benadryl soon and don't feel the need to itch anymore. Cleaning the wounds out with hydrogen peroxide should help, even witchhazel would help. I hope Prissy feels better soon.

Tired Mom said...

WOW!! I'm so sorry sweetie! If you need me to bring by some Benadryl or the gel, let me know ok? I can swing by. I sincerely hope your girl feels better soon and that you stop having reactions to the dog! =(

Blessed Rain said...

we gave up and bought me more adult benadryl, it won't matter as I will use it all eventually.
Frogs are all set up in their new huge tank and I am heavily drugged.

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