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Friday, October 1, 2010

Little boys and their toys

This is Little man the first day we bought him a real tool set (kid size). He went to sleep holding his precious treasures.

We are almost moved in I still have a few small odds and ends at my BFF house (for which she may kill me soon). So far we have replaced the upstairs toilet, ripped apart the kitchen and have the living room almost finished.

Right now we are working on the Kitchen, we needed to buy and install new cabinets so that I can also have my over the stove microwave.
This had turned into a major remodel - cheap, but time consuming.

We have bought our new bed set - or most of it anyway, the bed was out of stock. :( We also bought our new upstairs bathtub which had to be special ordered, so it won't be in until Tuesday.

I have been cleaning up both of the kids rooms preparing to paint as so far my daughter has been sleeping in the living room. I am not very happy with this arrangement, but everything has been very slow to get unpacked. In fact this is slowest unpacking we have ever done. Normally we are done by now.

This is different for us because we are remodeling at the same time, tomorrow my book case and Hubby's bookcases should be up which will remove many boxes from the house.


Tired Mom said...

Hey sweetie, you know having some of your things here does not bother me. I'm just sorry I can't help you with your house. But hey, it's YOUR house! YAY! And once all this "crap" is over, it's going to be well worth it!

Blessed Rain said...

I know I just want it all out of your place. I love you so much girl its crazy!

TJ said...

What a cute picture of little man. You'll be so happy once the updates are done and you can then relax. Again, I'm so happy for you.

Dawn Marie said...

Wow, it sounds like you have many projects! Little man is adorable, sleeping with his tools!

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