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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Answers and Projects

First on Monday I asked what to things you need to survive while traveling in space.

I also said I would pick a winner from the answers - I have to pick half of both love the pepsi and nano! What great picks!

Going technical and nerdy (sorry I am who I am - married to a nerd and I am converting!)
Here are the two things you need to survive if you ever troll the universe.

Dr. Who teaches us never to leave home without your sonic screw driver!

And we also learn from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy that no matter where you roam never leave home with out your Towel!

Now on to house updates!

3rd bookcase installed in bedroom
Head board and base board of my new bed put together and done!

Also the roof project has finally started!
Father and son (our contractors) are pulling, ripping and tearing the old layers of my roof off.
This is great because my home is 61 years old! It had more than 3 layers of roof tiles stacked one on top of another - which causes the roof to be very heavy.
So this coming winter I can rest easy knowing that out of all the things that might go wrong in a new home - it won't be a leaky roof.

Today we plan on finishing up the cabinets as well as fixing some light fixtures!


Tired Mom said...

Very awesome! Your place is gonna look so great!!

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