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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Funny kids and house updates!

This was the box for my guest bed/couch for the office. Instead of wasting it we decided to put it to good use. A few cut out windows, drawn on curtains and flowers and voila! The kids had a fun play house - it lasted almost a full two days!

I know amazing right? LOL I do love my rough and tough dastardly duo!

In fact today Prissy told me, "I'm gonna run away!" She even added in a stamped foot and a funny crossed up face.
I asked her, "Where are you going to go?"
We did just move into the neighborhood after all.
Her reply was, "I'm going to go across the street!" Sheepishly adding on at the end, "After I look both ways."

Gotta love 7 year olds!

On to house! Today in the mail arrived a 10% off coupon to Lowes, with it my hopes of conniving convincing my husband to buy a dishwasher. I love our new old house, but it needs some serious updating. A dishwasher was on top of the list!

Under the guise of another project I had already conned managed to get my Hubby to remove the 24 inch cabinet next to the sink leaving the perfect hole for a ... you guessed it! A dishwasher!

Coupon in hand I went to pick up my sweet Hubby and of course because he is sweet...

We of course came home with this gem! I am in love! (Of course with my Hubby and not the new shiny, lovely dishwasher - LOL!)

Add in the fact that I went shopping this morning with my BFF and my day has been great - or will be until my Hubby reads this!


Dawn Marie said...

to funny! Prissy is too cute, and I'm so glad that she will still be looking both ways before crossing the street. I love your pretty new dishwasher, and coupons make it even better.

Tired Mom said...

I LOVE it! I really love the utensil holders on the top rack. And your girl is too funny! Plus, yes, we had fun shopping. We need to do more Christmas shopping soon. (without getting nearly run over by a stupid old woman!)

Blessed Rain said...

They are stem ware holders

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