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Thursday, October 7, 2010

A rant and then back to the blabble

I am upset, to say that I am angry or livid would be fine as well. I will be meeting with the Principal of my daughters school!

 Let me re cap the story for you starting back a few years. Anytime I took Prissy to a new Church she would come out of her Sunday school class wet. Why? Because she hates to ask strangers to let her go to the bathroom. She hates talking about the potty or anything to do with the bathroom.

I explained this to her teacher on Prissy's first day of school, I also made Prissy promise to raise her hand and ask to go to the potty when she needed to.  On Wednesday, my daughter has been sick but well enough to attend school. She asked her teacher if she could use the bathroom and was told, NO. Because of this my daughter came home from school with her pants stuck to her and poo caked to the inside of her cloths and body.

She had had diarrhea and had been unable to hold it. When I wrote the teacher wanting to know why this had happened and what we could do to make sure it never happens again. Did she express sorrow that my daughter had been dirty all day long? Did she explain that my daughter needed to have told her that she had had an accident?


Instead she pulls my daughter off to the side and says, "Remember why I told you, you had to wait? Alli was in the potty and only one of you can go at a time."

Pause. Blink. Your kidding right? I asked the teacher for a plan that this would never happen again, I mentioned Dr.s notes and talking with the principal. Did I get a letter back? Anything? NOPE. As I said I can not have my daughter coming home dirty, staying in school dirty, due to a snotty teacher who doesn't seem to care that my daughter spent the day filthy!

 How dare she! What type of teachers are we producing now? Is this what they are taught in college? I have been fine with her teacher up to now. She is a little airy, fluffy and ditsy, but she is a first grade teacher. I am just still in shock that she is acting like this was fine! I can tell you that when I was in school this was not ok. If a kid was sick or had an accident they were taken to the office and taken care of. Rant done - for now.

This is my bookcase, the bookcase I had my books on before as well as my movies. My hubby was able to fit his books onto his book cases. Our friend Shayne gave us a really great entertainment center that I am currently in the process of filling up with movies.

That said, why on earth do I have eight more boxes of books that don't fit on my bookshelf? My sweetheart has so nicely offered to buy me another two bookcases. This way everything will fit nicely. (Again)
Seriously I know it all fit before... somehow...

This is my new bed sheet set that I pick up at a bargain! I think it will be great! Nice, light, comfortable and looks amazing in my white bedroom!

So much is going on all at the same time! My daughter, my first born is turning 7 on Saturday! I don't have a clue what we are going to do for her b-day yet! Yelp!

Next up in our never ending world of adventure, we now have a deadline for when the house must be done, bathrooms, kitchen, guest rooms and bedrooms. Why? Well I am Blessed of course! Both of my sisters are coming for Thanksgiving! One from Cali and the other from Nebraska.

This I am excited about! I just need more plates (and they stopped selling mine right after I bought them) and I need folding chairs! We will be 9 people in my new home and I am thrilled that I have enough room for everyone!

Well I am off, I have to clean up as much of the mess as possible and make it at least look like I have been busy as my father and stepmom are coming for a visit tonight.


Dawn Marie said...

If the teacher does not correct it, I would take it higher up. Prissy did not need a lecture after spending the day messy, poor thing. She's already traumatized enough. I'm not sure all of your books fit before, but I've been known to be wrong.

Blessed Rain said...

Comment transferred from facebook

Teena Churchill OMG I am in SHOCK! I cannot get over what happened...WoW something needs to be done with that Teacher asap..This is not acceptable behaviour for a teacher. Oh my poor child to sit and suffer dirty all day..I know that when my oldest had 2 boo boos in school at kindergarten I was called right away and the first time the teacher drove her home to me.

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