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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sun Chips Project Day One

This is my own version with my own rules - I fully know that Sun Chips say to compost it in a compost pile - I am not.

To see and read up on how the Sun Chips team composted their bag please click the link.

I am going to leave my two bags with some old chips still inside out in my new back garden, where they will be exposed to the elements.

I want to know and see how long without any "extra" help it will take for these bags to decompose.

I will not be touching them
I will not add any chemicals, bugs or dirt save what they are laying on top of.
I will not be doing a daily post on this.
I will try to update the bag progress every week.

This is not a blog to disprove their theories, more to answer an inner musing of what will happen to the bags inside of dumps and windswept debris that litters our highways.

Honestly if it can decompose in one year on its own I would urge all companies to start finding ways to make their own form of decomposable packaging.

As I live in a very windy area I have added large rocks to hold them in place, next I will instruct my children to leave them alone - this will be the real test! LOL

So again I am not trying to call them liars or duplicate their findings, I am doing my own backyard thing more for myself than to make a point.
Thank you for reading!

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