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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Night out bowling

Last night was one of those nights where you just needed to get away from it all. Our good, life long friend, Shayne has had a busy week with a megalomaniac trying to control his personal choices and freedoms.

Honestly and tell me truly if you saw a facebook post that said, "if you are in America illegally, GET OUT." Would you be so offended that you made it your life's mission to make that person pay? Would you be bent out of shape and only assume he was talking about one race? Would you the attack his religious beliefs and credibility for stating that people should follow the laws - and lets face it, it's not that hard to enter America legally. Those that can't we don't want - namely those with criminal backgrounds.

My hubby and I have been fighting the battle of the house this week. So far we have replaced the upstairs toilet, ordered the tub and fixed the sink. In the kitchen we have removed half of the upper cabinets and are attempting to put new ones in. Meanwhile I spend my free time cleaning, as the people who lived here previously smoked and never cleaned the walls.

So when our friend and his girlfriend invited us for a night out bowling we thought - Yeah! We all need a break!

All I can say is we all needed a night out to just relax. We played for two hours, ate pizza, fries and drank soda. Talk laughed and ignored the issues of the past week.

Hubby won the first game and Little man won the second. It must run in the genes. Tonight the work and cleaning pick up again, as well as a trip to the store to restock Prissy for school. Walking her back and forth to the bus stop is going to be interesting, especially in the rain and snow. I am attempting to prepare myself and the kids for when that happens. (Which could be tomorrow.)


Tired Mom said...

I'm so happy you were able to go out and relax for a while! You should be ok tomorrow; not much rain is expected and at least it's not cold yet. Good luck with cleaning!!!

Dawn Marie said...

I'm glad you took some time to get out and enjoy time away from all of your projects. Have fun walking to the bus stop!

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