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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Christmas gifts and House!

Alright I lied house updates first!

My roof is done (has been for a few days but I didn't have time to post pictures!)

I organized my hubby's tools and set up a mini shelf until next spring when he can go out and really do it.

This is the original to the house 61 year old cast iron bathtub

The yucky hole after the men took out the tub.

I will post more pictures of the new tub and bathroom as it continues to be finished.
We still have to do the floor, walls and shower parts before its all done.

Now to the fun part! Christmas gifts and Black Friday in October (complete failure by the way!)
We hit Sears, Kohls, and Target.
Target is where we did most of our shopping.

Hint if as a store you want to bump up your black Friday by a month
Here is what you need to do -
a. Have you Christmas items out on the shelves.
b. Have some of them on sale.
c. Have winter items on sale - not just coats.

I won't be wasting my time with this day next year (Target wasn't bad but still not even half their Christmas section was out)

So my incredible BFF bought my hubby and I an early Christmas gift, so that I would have it when my sisters come for Thanksgiving!



Tired Mom said...

Looks awesome!!!

Blessed Rain said...

I so happy!

-- see I can't even talk right I am so happy!

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