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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Microwaves and washes

Yesterday our little cutie couldn't open his black eye as he had a sticker pulling the hair together. In fact he had stickers everywhere because he loves chewing on them and playing with them.
Today it was off to the groomers - supporting local small businesses we found a very tiny one man shop and dropped Patch off.

This is what we found when we picked him up.

Now there are two ways to look at this

1) My dog is all heart
2) My dog has a black heart (LOL)

No matter what he is he is adorable and I love him!

Next we are winning the battle of the kitchen and my Hubby has finally managed to install one cabinet and my over the stove microwave!
It is a little higher than I am used to and I will need to be on a step stool to clean the top of it, but it's in and its wonderful!

Don't worry I have been taking plenty of before and middle pictures. The problem is that nothing is truly done.
Also our roofer came by and he plans to start tearing off the old shingles this week. Also I picked out the roof color - white - and this will help in many ways. First it will help keep the house cooler in the summers. Second it will help our house pop!
Right now its brown brick, with brown trim, and a brown roof. It blends into itself. Once its done we will remove the decorative shutters (that my husband thinks are really insane as he's from back East where shutters actually work) and paint them white/silver/gray whichever one matches it best.

Also last night my Hubby put up my bookshelves as well as put together our new bedroom dressers, tonight I have a lot of unpacking to do!


Tired Mom said...

OMG - The puppy looks so cute and I LOVE the heart on him! I can't wait to see your home once it's all done; it's going to be gorgeous!

Blessed Rain said...

I am rather spoiled with our new house!

The water filter is brand new, we checked the filter and added in a plug.

Tired Mom said...

I still have to laugh at that! I can't believe they never thought about the plug! LOL!!!

Dawn Marie said...

Your puppy is so cute!

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