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Monday, October 25, 2010

Shingles and Toys!

They backed up this huge truck into my driveway then swung a long arm around aiming it at my roof. Then the driver got to ride the conveyor belt up to my roof! How cool is that?
I would think this was the coolest job ever if it weren't for the snow melting off my roof right now.

See the package of shingles riding the belt? Seriously! I am a little kid out here today playing with lots of new toys!

I also got good/bad news Saturday in the mail. This years property taxes on our new home!
Good News -
1. We bought the home for $110,000.00 and the state tax appraiser values our home at $127,000.00!
2. The $1300.00 they want in taxes has already been set aside in our mortgage!
3. With the old carpet being ripped out, the addition of a dishwasher and of course our updates to both the bathrooms our home now has equity before we have even made the first payment!

Bad News-
1. Taxes - YUCK!

It took the two young men less than half an hour to drop all the shingles off on my roof! Sweet!
Now we need the storms to stop along with some nice sunny dry weather! Four days of rain and snow, come on we normally don't get our first real rain storm until next weekend - seriously Utah loves to rain on Halloween!


Dawn Marie said...

It does have a tendency to rain on that day.
I'm glad you are getting your roof fixed!

Malini said...

Good luck with the new house and settling in!

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