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Friday, October 8, 2010

What do you smell? Smells, shopping and house!

Inhale, exhale... smell that? I am sure you do. Does is make you smile? Wrinkle your nose or sighr ? Is it stale, fresh, invigorating or normal?

Yet smell is one of the best memory triggers in the world. The smell of coffee, dog food, french fries, sweet and sour chicken, pumpkin pie, all trigger memories, emotions and physical reactions from us.

Right now I smell rain, damp old house and pumpkin spice.
I am once again going to do a double post half of this topic will be on this blog and the other half  on my writing blog.

For those that follow my blog you already know about my new old house. Its new to me - we have been here almost two weeks. It was built in 1951 and has an old people smell to it, dusty, musty, dirty type smell. I am working to remove this as we get rid of carpet and clean walls and floors.

This week has been filled with rain, cold weather and falling leaves. I love the mushy smell of fall. Love it! Add to the fact that I now live in a house that reminds me of my grandparents I am in heaven! Utah is filled with nice, neatly planned houses. The streets are wide and straight, and each neighborhood is laid out in uniform.

Magna is not. Well the streets are pretty straight - for the most part. It is a mining town that grew and took over the farming area. Thus causing  a hodgepodge of properties, house styles, yard sizes and streets. It reminds me again of Washington. It reminds my husband of back East. He grew up in Rhode Island and has had a hard time in the cookie cutter neighborhoods that all look the same. No problems here, this street has personality.

Last night after my father and Di left, I was called by my BFF. She had just found out that Shopko was having a HUGE sale half the store is 30-70% off from Thursday to Saturday. I was thrilled! I had just agreed to hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my new home! I didn't even have enough plates to serve everyone!

Now my plates have a history, when my hubby and I were first married we ate off of my old college set, then we inherited my grandmothers old Correlle set. What is odd about this is I have two great fine dining sets, but didn't have a good everyday set. So when our life started to improve last year  I went shopping!

I found a great set of square pink Correlle dishes that serves 4. I found them at Walmart for 29.99, knowing I would want to host parties and entertain I asked my hubby if I could buy two sets. We had the money, although it would have meant a tight week for us. He said no. This would not have been a bad thing if it hadn't of been for the fact that Walmart stopped selling it the next week and every where else the price jumped up to 60.00 for the same set!

Shopko is selling my set of dishes for 110.00! Good thing though with the sale I got 60.% off and was able to buy the set for 48.00 and a few loose dishes bringing my total of plates up to 10.  Now all I need is Dad and Di to remember to bring the folding chairs with them for Thanksgiving and I will be fine!

Also on sale was the desk that my Hubby wanted, instead of being 199.99 for each of the two pieces (bottom and top) we bought them for 89.00 a piece. It was a good thing we went last night as they won't be there tonight! As sick as we are all feeling right now and as run down as we are, I love this house and am excited for Thanksgiving when all of my family gets together!


Malini said...

Bet you're having fun planning out Thanksgiving. What a nice way to have a housewarming!

Blessed Rain said...

I know right? Both of my sisters in the same week!!! Life really can't get much better!

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