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Friday, October 15, 2010

A late birthday post

Prissy with her new polka dot pants enjoying her 7th birthday with a sleepover with her BFF D!

She was a very spoiled girl and we had a ball! Grandparents came a few days early as we didn't have any plans for Prissys big day as our house is still in shambles.

Work update - Fridge is in and connected - water, power ect. Microwave is up and over the stove. My instant hot water is on as well as our reverse osmosis and the house water filter. My husbands new office desk is put together as well as the guest couch. I have been working hard at cleaning floors and organizing my kitchen items into their proper places.

As for the newest member of the house, well he really seems to like pillows for his head! He is getting better at house training and his indoor accidents are dwindling.
He now sleeps upstairs in our room and he is as fun as ever!

1 comment:

Dawn Marie said...

your puppy is cute, and the kids are adorable!
Happy Birthday Prissy!

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