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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Mini mix up

A month or so ago I made a deal with my hubby that he could upgrade his seven year old lap top to something newer. As I had taken over his last new laptop that we bought less than two years ago. I love my Acer laptop very much and I only use a quarter of its cool features. I agreed to buying him a new one so not to lose my acer (even though it needs to be fixed). 
Then last month he came home from work saying that he could get a really good deal on a mini notebook. Now I am not a huge fan of these tiny mini laptops normally they aren't worth the money, but when he came home saying he could buy one for 20.00 my jaw dropped and I said yes - why the heck not?

We didn't order it right away, we waited for our house agents to tell us the magic closing number, when they did we went ahead and bought the mini and had it shipped to the house.
Can you imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find a bill for 128.00 inside?
Turns out hubby ordered the wrong laptop. We spent last night figuring out if this mini was worth a hundred dollars more than the other mini (500.00 off market price btw), or if we were going to send it back for the other.

The long and short of the matter came down to my deal to buy hubby another laptop a few months from now. This would mean we would end up with four laptops, two desk tops for four people and one can't even read yet.
As I don't need much besides internet and office, I have taken the new mini which does have some fun gadgetry and Hubby will be taking the Acer in to be fixed (children and dropping damage) and then he will have the Acer. Something he is rather smug about.

I have spent the morning on this tiny little mini and I have a few things to say about it.
First off - adorable, cute, feels nice and has a good look.
Second I am still getting used to the keyboard pad combo. This pad is very close to where you type and it messes me up often! I am constantly having to reposition the mouse, re-editing sentences and have been mildly scolding this tiny thing all morning.
When I have this in my new home, in my little office space and mouse on the side things will move along much better!
For now I am practicing typing before starting another book on the mini. I have many many ideas running the gauntlet of my mind and I am ready to start.

If you have a spare minute please run by my Trying to get Published blog and answer the idea poll I have posted. I am trolling for short story ideas.

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Dawn Marie said...

you just can't have a normal day con you?
I'm glad you are having fun with your new mini though.

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