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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My Love Letter

Today my hubby posted something that I didn't understand on his blog, so I replied "What do you love?"
He answered me, but not what I had been talking about. Instead I got back this beautiful love note from the man I love.

I love the way you don't let me bite your neck, I love the way your hair feels in my fingers at night, I love the way you exhale when I kiss you, I love the way you look at me when I'm playing with the kids, I love when you put your head on... me when I hug you, I love the way you smell like vanilla because you know I like it, I love that you get my clothes ready for the next day, I love that you want to publish a book and that you give me a hard time for not reading it yet, I love that you tell me to come to bed because you want me to be well rested, I love that you are so excited about our house, I love you for so many reasons.

- My hubby

Now with a husband that great, what really do you do?
And yes I really do know that I am spoiled!


Tired Mom said...

I'm so jealous! My hubby hasn't written something like that to me in a long time. But no sweetie, you are not spoiled; you're getting exactly what you deserve - a loving husband, beautiful kids, and soon a new home!

Blessed Rain said...

I don't know I feel completely spoiled!

Betsy said...

What do you do? Well, first you cry...'cause that was the sweetest note ever! Then you keep him! ;)

Blessed Rain said...

There is no way on Earth I would ever give him up! On top of the sweetness after 8 years of marriage he also bakes!

TJ said...

That is so sweet! Good husbands are from the Lord as one of our many blessings.

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