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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The day after repentance

Sorry this blog is a day late, but my beautiful Prissy got very very sick and I have been taking care of her.

So true to form I repent and next day we get the call, our closing date is next Thursday (meaning the fireplace past inspection). One of my other friends agrees to watch the dog so we run over and pick up our fluffy four pound puppy. Then to add sugar to the top our car finally passed inspection - we are legal for another year!

I know, I know really I do, I need to stay thankful and following God's will and not my own.

Meet Patch! Ironically the owner couldn't get him to come to his new name, he came every time we called him! He was so confused when we left him with our friends, he followed us already knowing that we are his family!
I was so sad! Hopefully though we will be able to move in next Saturday!

Once again my kids have gotten my BFF's kids sick and at this moment I really can't wait to move out into my own home and give her some peace and rest. Communal living is fun until the kids get sick and then you really want your own space, peace and quite.

We will also need to super move into the new home to avoid having to pay another months storage fee's.  This will be interesting as we need to paint downstairs, remove the carpet upstairs and clean everything from top to bottom.
I love my new home, Love it, Love it, Love it! I really wish the previous home owners had loved it as well. Loved it enough to keep the walls and ceilings clean, the railing clean. Oh well, that's what happens I guess when you buy a home from HUD, who got it from another company when they repo'd the house from a pair of smokers.

So to recap - I repented next day we had a closing date, a dog and our car legal. My lasts post titled repentance equals peace could also be titled repentance brings blessings.


Dawn Marie said...

I'm so happy for you both! Your puppy is cute, and I have heard nothing regarding the one we were to get, so it all worked out for you. Maybe the other puppies owner will start to take are of theirs.

TJ said...

I am happy for you too! Congrats. Can't wait to see pictures when you get settled in. No wait, keep us up to date as the days go by.

Tired Mom said...

So happy your hubby's hard work paid off and you've got your closing date! Don't feel too bad about the kids being sick 'cause my kids catch everything! If they didn't get it from yours, they would've gotten it from other kids anyway. I just love that your dreams of finally owning a house are coming true!

Blessed Rain said...

I am just so happy that we have found such and incredible cute home! I can't wait to start all my before and after photos!

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