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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fireside Friends

Its Labor day weekend and while my hubby still has to work the weekend the nights of course are open! Today we went up into Cottonwood canyon with our friends Shayne and Sara.

Finding a spot was not that easy but we managed to buy a open group site for the night at a reduced rate - thank you for nice park managers!

Good food, games, drinks and Nerf guns that shoot really really far!

Have I ever mentioned my love of the outdoors?
Or my love of stars at night?

My Night Sky

The dark sky beckons 
Like a dark misty sea.
Its voice
sings to me 
with a revery. 

The blackness deceives, 
When the moon 
seems so bright.
Can you believe
that it steals 
 the light?
Darkness pervades
and the night
winds blow.
A sigh escapes,
as peace settles in,
as all is well
in the world.

Written by: T. R. Garris


Tired Mom said...

So much fun and I LOVE the pic of your kids! So cute!

Dawn Marie said...

I love the pics of your kids! What if I want to put it in the photo book for your Christmas present, do I need express written consent to do that? Can you just write me one consent form? I'd like a pass as a family member.

Blessed Rain said...

You have a pass as you would not be using it for your own personal gain - silly! I just don't want to one day find my stuff in someone else's collected works!

Dawn Marie said...

That would be bad, but I thought I should ask.
You should check out the pictures I've posted from our Labor Day travels. I think I'll post more tomorrow.

TJ said...

I also like fires and the stars. Being outside (with bugs that bite) is the way to go.

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