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Friday, March 9, 2012


I know many people may not understand my excitement but really I love my new prescription transition glasses!
I've had glasses for the last 10 years, I only need them to see far away.
Normally night driving, theater watching, storms, rain ect. are the times I HAVE to wear them.
However over time I like wearing them while I drive - I can see better, clearer, & actually read street signs in enough time to turn!

My only issue with that is during the day I HAVE to wear sun glasses - the bright glare really hurts my eyes. This time when I saw that they had BROWN transition glass tint I jumped at the chance!

My favorite sunglasses ever were brown!

If you are like me and very sensitive to colors and light you may need to switch from grey sunglasses to brown! The tint is much gentler on the eyes, easier to see through and less work for your eyes.

Coming out of Shopko (where I bought my glasses) the sun was full in the sky. I looked up, waited...waited...waited some more, I almost turned around and walked right back in to make sure that they did in fact make my glasses transition!
Then I saw my reflection, in my cars tinted windows, my glasses were dark!

My eyes didn't even register the  color change! It was so soft, so easy to see through! My eyes went through no extra work!
One moment the sun was too bright, the next my eyes no longer hurt, I wasn't squinting against the sun, but I didn't even know the tint was working!
Quick - amazing - Love them!

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