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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Parks and Packages

BFF's Lil sis, Little Man, BFF, & Savy his Kinder Crush
 Moving into a new city is never easy. Meeting new people in said city is also not easy. You have your neighbors, church, school & social gathering places (gym, activities, dining ect).
So far the best place that I have made friends at is my son's Kindergarten class.
We - the bored - chat.
Or at least the anti social of us do.
The rest stand there and watch the social ones chat.
At the beginning of the year two moms started an every Thursday play-date at the park, next to the school. Only 5 mothers so far have ever come, due to bad weather they stopped for a long time) today 3 of us met up, chatted, let the kids play and had a ball!
2 hrs of mama time, 2 hrs of kids running, playing, and being with their friends. Win Win.

I may be one of the chatty annoying moms that you hide from - however this is Kindergarten. This is the only time that all the kids come out to their parents.
This is the only time I have a chance to see the whole class & parents en-mass. Children that my son will grow up with for the rest of his life.
Kids that I will hear about off an on forever! Yes, many kids will move away and more will move in, however a solid core of friends will spring up, not to mention that this is a perfect place to meet people with many things in common with me!

 Kids that we all love is a good place to start.

We all (most of us anyway) order something at some time from online that will be delivered to our door step. Its life.
For the vast majority of the time the items will be coming to us from large shipping factories.
Other times, if you are anything like me, you will also be getting things from homes.
I buy items from Esty, Home-Made and a few other crafty sites, so I know that certain items are coming from homes.
Especially when my hubby purchases used or refurbished computer parts.

Today one such long light weight package arrived at the house. I met our post woman at the gate, made small talk - she loves Patch - walked up my short walk to the house and as I entered the door my nose started twitching.
I looked back out side - nope no one walking past smoking, no one driving past smoking, I gingerly smell the package and voila! EWWW!!!
Really seriously do you know how much a person would have to smoke inside their home for this package to have such a strong smell STILL!
I had to wash my hands! The smell from just holding the package less then a minute was so strong it clung to my fingers!!!


Evelyn said...

I've had the smoky package before...not fun!! It was a birthday gift I'd bought for my 1-year old nephew too. Couldn't get the smell out, went in the trash!! :-)

Tired Mom said...

EWW!! That's just nasty. And I love how you used a photo of my boxes! lol (which, btw, maybe next week you guys can come over and help with that ;) My kids have next week off. We'll figure it out =) (Oh wait.. Abuela is in town, crap!)

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