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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Scrap Quilting

Quilting is one of the most versatile things in the world - there is a style out there for everyone!

Mine however, does break many rules. Most quilts you attach all three layers together with some form of pattern or stitching.
The front is going to be a compilation of needle point & my children's clothes - the ones that are beyond reusing or handing down.

The back is a dark green (I know the lighting make it look grey) it was a top green sheet for my bed - the fitted sheet is long gone.

I have pinned the fluffy to the back. I will be sewing a light pattern into the back - more like a large picture then tiny detail.
The top part I will be sewing in normal quilt blocks with added details like buttons & beads. When its all put together I will then attach all three layers by adding the buttons & beads - sewing through all three layers.

In my minds eyes this looks amazing - however we will see how this end ups turning out!
This is most definitely going to be a project quilt that takes some time to make.
Occasionally I will update my progress on this blog for the few that will be interested.

This idea started from my unwillingness to throw away perfectly good used sheets & clothes.Even if this idea bombs all it will have cost me is the stuffing (9.00) and I will have gained experience! Win win!

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