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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Rewards and Barbies

Most parents want the best for their child. The most for their child. For their child to be amazing - somehow in someway.
Each parent/child relationship is different and built on different wishes.
Some want smart children, others well dressed and well styled, nice, sweet, obedient, calm, street smart, open, talented... this list I am sure never really ends, it just changes as they grow older.

My boy is very smart, loves his teacher, gets along with many of his class mates & has been flying through his classes.
His grades (for Kindergarten) are wonderful.
We do have an I.E.P since he is in speech class and will be for a while.
For his last great I.E.P & S.E.P ~ we bought him one of his toy muscle cars.

Prissy is a different matter. Right now we are getting her tested to see if she has a learning disability. So far it looks like she may be dyslexic.
She is FAR behind in English, Reading, Site Words, Spelling.... see the pattern?
Now this has nothing to do with intelligence. Her math skills are on track if not above level.

In January Prissy and I made a deal. I would help her practice her spelling words and the day she brought back a one hundred percent (she is doing ten words while the rest of the class does 20 + 3 sentences) I would buy her a barbie or the equivalent in barbie items.
Monday she came home beaming with her first one hundred percent!
Tuesday she came home in tears handing me a test with a D on it.
"Mama? Do I still get the barbie?" Prissy asks with tears in her eyes.

I have to sit her down and explain that our deal was ONLY on spelling tests. We are taking this one step at a time.
I am not trying to defeat her, punish her or make her feel bad about her self.
I am setting realistic goals and helping her to achieve them.
The really sad part is that after my hubby read the the three page test out loud to her and had her answer she got 100%. The reason for the D is she gets frustrated trying to read the sentences and ends up guessing.

My very happy girl picked out a child barbie and a Barbie dress design package.
Together we sat down and started decorating and planning all of the dresses.
She has given me the wedding dress to design for her, because she doesn't want to mess it up.

She is proud.
She knows she did a good job.
She tries very hard - I hear from her all the time, Mama I tried my best.
Fact is, she does.
Until she understands reading, decoding and comprehensive reading, she will continue to struggle.

I don't know what the future has in store for her - I do know that as long as we take it one step and one day at a time, she won't quit trying and neither will I.

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