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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Home Maker Skills List

Over the years as a stay at home mother I have found several different sites that will add up the hours of whatever chores you do on a day to day basis and will tell you, your "At Home Worth".

I have had several friends that actually prefer to work and have their kids in daycare because they couldn't handle the "At Home" world.

Let me break it down for you - its hard. Its monotonous. Its as un-glorious as a dirty toilet bowl. It has few perks. There are no sick days or days off. Long night shifts. You get to be teacher, cook, nurse, housemaid & gardener. You get all the blame if something goes wrong and no praise when it doesn't. This list can go on almost indefinitely.
Even worse though is the lack of respect the position grants you.
Some one asks, "What do you do?"
You answer, "Stay at home mom/dad."
Their eyes glaze over/roll their eyes/ or immediately get that O your one of them looks.

My at home worth has continued to grow over the years and yesterday was no exception.

I am now fully trained and have given my first of several shots.

Last night I gave my husband his first "At Home" shot - he was actually rather proud of how little it hurt. I was proud that I didn't screw it up!
This new routine has been added into our schedule and will continue every two weeks for I don't know how long!

I have all of these amazing skills now and I don't think their is a company on earth that would actually hire me!
Good thing book one is almost done and will be making the rounds in search of an agent soon!

 And no I am not really going to write down my whole list of home make skills - this post would never end!


Tired Mom said...

I'm really glad the shot didn't hurt him very much!! =)

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