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Monday, May 2, 2011

A Bad End to a Great Day

My daughter Prissy is off track today for the next few weeks. My five yr old son (barely) won't start until next year. Today with the sun shining and it being great weather the homeschooled family of 10 across the street allowed their kids (youngest 5) to take the day off and come play.

Several hours the kids played back and forth just fine while we adults worked on the shed.We had just started to put everything away for the night, when my son comes around the corner of the back of the house in front of God and everyone in broad daylight crying his NAKED little butt off!

I kid you not my son was bare before all of creation without even socks or shoes on. Tears where running down his face and his body was wracking with sobs.
One of the boys from across the street had told him that to join the "clubhouse" he needed to bare it. They then hid his cloths and laughed at him.

My hubby will be the first to tell you that if my arms had not been full of my child as I ran him into the house, the neighbor kids might have died. I am a WAY over protective parent who does not find anything about that to be funny.
My hubby who has a much lighter touch and could see that an 8 year old child should not be thinking of things like that on his own sat down with the boy and found out that that's what HIS older brothers make HIM do.

Bullying starts in one place and trickles down until a perfectly nice day between friends becomes a very bad day. After having D (the young man) apologize to our still unhappy but fully clothed son, my hubby then walks across the street to explain all of this to the mother of the children. Who assures him that it won't happen again and that she will talk to her family. (I hope she understands if something like this ever happens again it will be social services knocking on her door and not my hubby.)

Both my children have been told that this is not ok and that we never take cloths off unless we are cleaning - bathroom, bath, shower ect. NO One has the right to tell them to take their cloths off!
When my son started crying again about wanting to be able to be in the "club" I told him that any club that does something like that is not a club he wants to be in to which he said - "Bad Club!" and I would have to agree.


Tired Mom said...

WTH?? WHO THE *&(&* DOES THAT KID THINK HE IS! OMG - I can't imagine how livid you were because I'm LIVID NOW, and he's not my son! WOW, just wow... GRRR!!!

Blessed Rain said...

I am still fuming, even sadder though was the little kid told us everything in a perfectly normal every day tone and look that clearly told us he didn't understand that it was a bad thing - how screwed up is this poor little kid!

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