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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rain and House Cleaning

So day three of rain. I am not talking about normal Utah intermittent sparse rain I am talking about RAIN not stop buckets of rain! For DAYS!! With another two possible days of rain on the way!

My problem with this is the fact that I need to garden!

See! They are over taking my kitchen!

So what do you do when you have so much time indoors on your hands?

I started cleaning the room so I could set up my home office.

To this (so far)

I know my space is tiny but I don't need a lot of room.

Right now my project is book two. 
My sis wants to read it now that she is done with book one but I have not really had the time to dedicate to rewriting and fixing it as I have the first.


Dawn Marie said...

Well, I can wait. Pace yourself, I don't want your family to suffer on my account. :) I am glad to see that you have a plan for that little space though.

Heather said...

I can't believe in the amount of rain were getting its nuts!

Blessed Rain said...

Dawn - does that mean the ending wasn't as good as I was hoping? Anyway don't worry I will give you the first 5 chapters of book two.

Heather - I KNOW! If I even hear the word drought this year someone is getting punched!

Nay said...

Hi - It's Nay from Cover to Cover - didn't know how to respond except to comment back at you, as well.

Yes, blogger has taken down any posts since 5/11, but will put them back up "shortly" (per the error message) and then it's supposed to work again.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

Blessed Rain said...

Nay - had an email button but its gone now - just one of the few things I am hoping they add back - if not will add it again next week...

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