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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother Day 2011

My girl stole the show today by giving me one of the funniest gifts in history! I laughed for an hour as I read her 1st grades recipe cookbook that the kids made for their mothers.
Each kid was called up to the teachers desk and asked what they like to make with and for their mother. Then they explained how each recipe was made and with what. While my daughters measurements were off she was very good on timing and heat. Some of the other kids I told her never to eat anything they made!

The two blessing I know I don't deserve but will do everything in my power to protect and raise correctly.

This is one of the rare photos that shows my mother, my daughter and I. All three generations and only a few months before my mother passed away.

Today is a quiet day in our home, my hubby is sick, my children are playing but I am surrounded by love. Never forget its not the day that's important or having a baby its raising them in love and security that means the world.

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Kori Donahue said...

Such adorable photos...what a lovely family. You are so lucky!

I hope you're having a great weekend. Did you hear the news about my first novel? You can check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004YTMGA0 Have a fabulous Sunday doll.

Kori xoxo


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