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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The House Next Door

Last November, a mere three weeks after we moved in, it burned down. No worries it was vacant. However, it was also left to sit and sit and sit. This last winter the snow kicked off one week after it burned and it snowed until April. Since April it has rained almost everyday - breaking only to give us hope.

At the end of March I was informed that Magna was auctioning off the property. Several interested buyers dropped by to talk and inspect it. I was hopeful that one of them might buy it.
And until today we heard and knew nothing.

Today a bank agent was out inspecting the house. Its official Magna turned the home over to a bank.
Luckily this bank agent wants to board it up immediately and then get quotes on demolishing it.
AMEN! 8 months of water pouring into the building have left it a mold infested unsafe crap hole!

Hopefully the next tale in this saga comes with pictures of it being torn down - of course my daughter and I might need to wear face masks for a week or so but it will be worth it! (yes we are both highly allergic to mold!)

On a high note, Little Man's speech therapy went well today! He is delayed in the K sound, G sound and S sound, with his biggest problem being that he doesn't FINISH saying a word, he starts it and then gets lazy.

All in all though he has caught up 5 years of speech in 1 yr, so a few months of speech therapy should be enough to get him on the same footing as his peers when he starts school in the fall!

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