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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rainy Day

Cold wet soggy rain
a constant rain
with a chill on the air

Today Prissy goes into see her Dr. she needs more meds
and another note for the school saying WHY (again)
she has been sick so much this year.
Fire at the beginning of fall - Asthma issues for a week
Two cases of the flu
Two ear infections and of course major Asthma issues
equals a lot of school missed.

My poor little Prissy

I tried this out last night hoping it would help me sleep better and less congested.
It didn't
but it will help during the day during really bad allergy times

Free Advice:
For those that have a very sensitive gag reflex like me
I would advice leaning forward and over the sink

My biggest problem was the fluid kept wanting to go down the back of my throat
Not a pleasant feeling.
I am hoping, however, to master the use of this
It will really help Prissy in a few years 
as her HayFever kicks up her Asthma in both Spring and Fall.


Nay said...

So sorry she doesn't feel well...I know how it is...I was that way as a child...and you know what ended it all? Getting my tonsils out! Haven't been to emergency in years!
PS: Thank you so much for your constant support on my new blog!

Blessed Rain said...

Nay no problem! I love meeting new people and as for my little girl I am now used to the sleepless nights, the coughing, the vomiting and the different medicines.
God loves us though and her Dr. is Awesome!

Dawn Marie said...

BTW the directs should have told you to lean over to the side, and over a sink. I'm always tilting my head to make sure that the water doesn't run down my throat. It hasn't helped me breathe well lately, but it's been better than when I didn't use it. My friend with severe allergies and asthma here uses hers morning and evening, I'm not that die hard, but Prissy might need to be someday.

Blessed Rain said...

Dawn I READ the instructions - Really I did. NOT stupid. I mean MUCH farther over and not just leaning to the side and slightly over the sink. I mean to almost crawl into the damn thing. Next time I will try to be clearer-er so that I don't need to be told I sound stupid - THANKS.

Melody ♪♫ said...

ugh! That thing makes me gag just looking at it! Hubs uses his in the shower so he doesn't have to aim the drips (or spits) into a sink. (Of course, being 6'7" makes using it over the sink precarious, anyhow...)
I hope you see some improvement in your symptoms by using it regularly. (Our chiro just posted a recommendation on it, too.)

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