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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Trees, Bricks and Friends

See those bricks?
They came with my BFF's home 
She took out the area they were occupying and put down a 
wonderful stamped concrete area
giving me all the bricks for our yard plans.
*Insert large smile here*

So today we removed all the bricks and helped cut down
all the broken branches from the massive amounts of snow and wind this year.

Then of course helped clean up!

Now for those that got pulled into the drama of TV and media hype about the end of the world here is the kicker. The bible clearly states that NO man knows the day or the hour that God is coming. AND it also says that God reserves the right to change his mind - NOT KIDDING. He says he can choose to come another day.

Why people keep thinking it helps to run around like Chicken Little screaming Doom! I don't know. All I know is that I pray, I love God, I raise my kids to love God. I leave the REST to God. I don't try to keep the earth spinning, I don't keep the sun on course, or the seasons turning. I live my life to be best of my ability and wait. 

I will wait til death or God takes me, I will NOT run around like an idiot sqwuaking and looking like a moron. I will not try to make people who believe in God look like idiots. So for those who made fun of Christians today - I am sorry that HE made you think we are ALL that dumb.


High Heeled Life said...

Wonderfully worded!!! ... When I hear the "world will end" I always say of course "as we know it of this moment ... tomorrow is another day..."

What a wonderful friend to to pass all those bricks to you ...yard renovating can add up in $$$ before one realizes.

wishing you a beautiful week-end ...xo HHL

Blessed Rain said...

Thanks HHL my friend thinks she got the better part of the deal - junk removal for free!
It works for us - as for the other I grind my teeth every time someone makes the news being an idiot making us look stupider and stupider for believing in God.

Tired Mom said...

Absolutely! I'm just happy all those bricks are out of my yard. Thank you for taking them and thank you SO MUCH for helping us with the trees! You guys are the BEST!!!

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