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Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Seeds

I am not the best gardener in the world, but I have learned a few tricks.

Step one if you are planting a dried seeds like peas or corn its not a bad idea to give them a water bath for several minutes before putting them into damp soil.

 I use several different types of seed trays, my rules - stable bottom, clear lid and some form of water drainage. If you can't tell I am not supper picky most of them are standard.
Then plant only one large seed at a time - smaller seeds like carrots, tomatoes and peppers can be planted 2-3 in a pod. Move them once they have a few leaves and a couple of inches so the roots won't tangle.

One week later and already my corn is two inches long, and the peas are sprouting. Beans are three inches and tomatoes almost an inch.

In a day or two we will finished tilling the ground and prepping the soil. Then these little guys get to face to big bad world.

As this is my first year in this home and we will be planting the garden for the first time. We are trying not to get to ambitious. It will be a lot of work to prep the soil, surrounding areas and level it all out.
I can only hope that the rewards this summer/fall are worth every second. ;)

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