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Friday, May 6, 2011

Mothers Day - a little early

Alright I am not one to think that ghosts walk among us or that my mother can communicate from heaven but it is nice to find hidden gems of our past with her this close to mothers day.

Last night I picked up the book Hallowe'en Party by Agatha Christie - one of my mother and I's favorite authors.

Inside of which I found this note from my mother to either my sister or I. You see she was always writing us notes and leaving them places - just like this one.

While I think it might have been for me as I found it being used as a book mark - something I am notorious for it really could be a note to either my sister or I and on a day like today I am willing to share one last message from mom.

Its been six years since we laid her to rest and in that time we have never truly gotten over the hole that she left in our hearts and in our lives.
I miss you mama! Thank you for being such a great mom!


Dawn Marie said...

lol, I just place some notes in my hubby's lunch today!
That is to funny! You and I both either finding notes or writing them like mom did, today.

Blessed Rain said...

I write them to hubby all the time and of course will do for the kids once they get a little older!

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