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Friday, May 27, 2011

Swamp Cooler Day Two!


Have I mentioned that the people who lived in our home before us did nothing but treat this home like a rental?
It blows my mind, they bought my tiny home for a whooping 197,000!
I got it for 110,000!

This to me, begs the question of how do you spend almost 200,000.00 dollars on something and then NOT TAKE CARE OF IT!?

I went to work!
One pair of gloves
Two wire brushes
and a sore hand later and it was ready for this

Rustoleum is my friend!
(highly recommend this project)
This should last us a few more years now before we will have to replace it completely
Like we had to the motor, the rotor wheel, the belt, the floater
and a ton of miscellaneous little parts.

The pads could not have been changed during their 4 year stay, like so much other junk in our home it needs a lot of work - due more to neglect than anything else.
Good home, built well - just mistreated.
We are giving it the love and TLC it needs ;)
just wish it would stop raining.

Did I mention that it might rain the next three days?


Tired Mom said...

Wow! That looked nasty! Glad you were able to get it clean!

Blessed Rain said...

Yes but there is still some major damage so we will have to get a new one in a few years.

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my dear friend .. I do feel and understand your frustration ...for when we moved into our home - the plan was to freshen it up a little and then build a ne house elsewhere on the property. But, when we started "freshening things up" the years of neglect started to real surface and before we knew it we were into a renovation project instead of a temporary "freshen up". We are almost on the tail end of this reno - it'll be 3 years in a few months... and don't get me started on the property grounds .... that has been a work in progress ...

Hang in there ... looks like you are on top of things ... deep breath and a little prayer ..xo HHL

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