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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The House Next Door Cont.

Whoo Hoo!
I know, I really do know that its hard for you to understand or get my enthusiasm. 

Unless you have lived next to a crap hole 
(which was a nice home the day we moved in)
You might not truly understand how happy I am that 
SOMETHING is getting done about the house next door.
8 months ago it burned down, the owners allowed rain and snow
to come through all the fire openings.
It has festered and seethed with unhealthy growth.
Today they came and boarded it up
This thankfully is temporary
they are going to be getting demo bids.
They need at least three bids from different companies before they can go ahead and hire them.
All in all I am hoping for it to be down in a little over a month.
Is this optomistic?
Maybe, maybe not, in our economy things move faster as they have less work.
No matter how long it takes, though, thankfully its getting done!

Another month has passed!
One more and my kids are out of school!

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High Heeled Life said...

I so understand the house next door experience ... though the neighbours lived in their house they did very little on the outside of the house, at our city home. As everyone knows in the city tall grass and messy up keep is a calling card for racoons , in Toronto. I was so happy when they sold the house, the new owners are wonderful and our trips to the city house enjoyable. Wishing you a fabulous day and may that house next door be dealt with fast..xo HHL

Blessed Rain said...

You SO get this! Thanks HHL!

wendy said...

Will the lot then be for sale, so that someone can build a new home on it?

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