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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Day 2 Building a Shed

Yesterday I had a really bad sunburn and hubby was sore from all the work the day before so we took one day off to recoup before tackling the shed once again.

Now this time I am going to give you some solid facts. Our shed will be a 10x12 shed with almost 8 foot sides and a loft area for upper storage.

We found a similar shed kit from a nearby lumber store they wanted 1850.00 for the kit without shingles or nails. This was far out of our price range so we looked instead at the 8x10 for 1000.00 still minus the shingles and nails. Taking a quick inspection we realize that the kit is using 1x2's and 8 foot sections with a two foot section added on. We decided to see if we could price out the material and make our own.

700.00 dollars (shingles, hinges, and every bit we needed to build it) later we have enough supplies to not only build the 10x12 but to build it better. Using 2x4's and whole pieces. No cut sections pieced together but a whole 12 foot beam all the way across. Am I happy? Oh Yeah!

Starting to look like a shed!
Its going to be so nice!

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