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Friday, January 13, 2012

The 13th, Friday and Me

Maybe people make their own "luck" or if you believe something will happen it will.


Here is a small story to illustrate ~

Upon coming home from school Littleman rushes for the TV. Following quickly on his heels comes his sister "It's my turn!" She cries, "No my turn!"
"You had a turn before I got home!"
"Mama said I could finish my movie."
At this point they both start screaming, yelling and running for Mama. I roll my eyes awaiting the oncoming storm - the same storm I listen to almost everyday!
"Prissy do you have homework?" I ask, she groans, "I have SO much homework and its all due tomorrow!"
"Fine then you need to sit down and get started on it."
She glares at her brother, stomps off toward her back pack crying the whole way, "Why don't I get a break? I want a break first."
At this point Littleman gleefully runs toward the TV.

Now I want to interject in here that my kids don't watch TV like other children.
They pick out a movie watch a little bit going running for toys that fit with the movie then they start acting out the movie, singing, dancing, sword fighting... you get the point right?
I'm lucky if my children will sit down for 30 minutes of a movie (sit down, pay attention, not talking or moving).
In our current day and age where parents are trying to find new ways of getting their children active ~ I am still trying to find ways to calm mine down.

Now on to my point IF this had happened today instead of yesterday on FRIDAY the 13th both of my children might have said the following:

"This is a bad day - I have a ton of homework and I can't play on the computer or watch tv. I hate Friday the 13th!" (Prissy) how the night started

"I love Friday the 13th! I get the TV and no homework!" (Littleman)

Why? Because you pay attention to what you THINK will happen. In this case I am putting Prissy in the negative set and Littleman in the positive.

However it can easily be turned around ~

"Mama this is so much fun! I love coloring! This puzzle was Fun! I'm gonna get an A on this for sure!" Prissy in positive terms (which is how the night ended)

"Mama this is no fun! I want to play with Prissy! No one will play with me!" Littleman in the negative.

Nothing changed in the story. Both kids could see, feel and think positively or negatively about the situation. It was their mentality that brought about HOW they saw what was going on around them.

Now I have always looked on Friday the 13th as a good day.
At first it started out that I just wanted to be different from the other kids - kids hyped up on the thought of one day being scary for no good reason.
Then I noticed that in a world of bad things - good things did happen to me on that day.

What I have learned in the years since my early childhood is that The Power of Positive Thinking is not a myth!
If you perceive things as bad they will be - because you are focusing on them!
The same as if you are a positive thinker - you will focus on the good, happy, blessings, joy and the beauty that surrounds you.
Because you look for it.

My advice enjoy everyday with Positive thinking!
Happy Friday the 13th!

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