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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Art & Free Advice!

My little girl (Prissy) is an artist - very much like her papa and auntie. So today we bought her a new art set.

My son (LittleMan) seems to have acquired my artistic talent - meaning I am GREAT painting ceramic Christmas houses - coloring in between the lines.... and writing, did I mention I am a really good writer?

So far he is taking after me - as in the can not draw my minds eye for ANYTHING! Praying that he will grow into more of his fathers talents as he ages!

So far the best part is that just like me - he doesn't care. Painting in and of itself is fun! Love the heart and the joy he brings to his art work!

This is the new art work gracing the walls of the kids down stairs living room. Why the previous owners used dark paneling in a dimly lit basement is beyond me, however, we are trying to lighten it up until the time we can afford to re-panel. (not very high on our to do fix it list)

Anything and everything we can do to bring some brightness and cheer to their area we will do - we want them to WANT to be down there!

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my newest obsession - organizing!!!

Did I mention that finally after several years I feel awake? Oh yeah - I am cleaning (amazing I know) don't get you hopes up though my bedroom is still a disaster!! (working on it tomorrow - or just crying thinking about working on it) I am organizing, cooking, helping with homework and keeping pace with life in general!

So glad that I took time - real time - for me and my problems this summer. Its funny but I kept putting it off because my family needed other things - "they" were more important ect ect ect....
Now, however, that I am ME again and my mind and body are fully awake, I can tell you that putting off taking care of me hurt them far more then it helped them.
They needed me - not the zombie drone barely awake, barley functioning me - the real me.
After I took a small amount of time I knew I should have taken care of my issues so many years ago. I can never make up to my family the years my putting "me" off cost them.
If you have depression, exhaustion, no motivation, lack of caring - please seek help!

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High Heeled Life said...

The childrens art work is brilliant! Little man is enjoying the moment ... while his creative juices are flowing!

Thanks for the link in your comment - that to do on my list may not get completed.

Did you know you can paint paneling? yes, just make sure to prime with a good primer (bull's Eye is one in Canada - that I found works great!) Then pick a paint colour and paint a s normal. If you want to get really detailed and not have the indent lines show before applying primer fill them in with a wood filler/puddy let dry a lightly sand to smooth finish. Friends did this to there diningroom and it turned out great!! xo HHL

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