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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Getting Organized

I have a hard time keeping things tidy, clean, looking nice and neat.

With two very active children, who really can keep up without losing any personal time? If I cleaned every second of the day I might be able to keep up with my children's destructive wake!

Luckily they are starting to learn how to help. They both know how to keep their rooms nice (they don't unless forced but they do know HOW).
Prissy is learning how to clean the bathroom and fold her laundry. Littleman is also learning to put his laundry away and is helping clean up the living room.

The more they can help the more A. They will try to keep things cleaner and thus have less work to do & B. Help lighten my load of work around the house allowing us more joint family time.

 That said it is much easier to keep areas clean if you use the space wisely.
Like under our bathroom sink.
Before I had no shelves so all things had to be mushed into one low level area.
Now however, with the aid of the storage boxes from Target 
(all the white were sold out I am really not that much of a pink person)
Under my sink is much easier to KEEP clean and neat.

I also added a small things aid to the top most drawer of the bathroom vanity
again in the hopes of keeping things neater, easier to find and easier to use.
(also from target)

These dark brown baskets were very hard to find as my home is around 65 years old and does not follow modern box sizes.
I finally found these at Micheal's and yes they stick out about 1 inch.

After being here over a year I am finally beginning to feel at home!
We still have a lot of work to do on the house - walls to redo
cabinets, floors, appliances ect.
One step at a time though and thankfully these are easy!

Tomorrow I need to put all my Christmas items away in my Christmas storage!
I love my home! 
I love that I have special storage areas! 

Tomorrow hopefully I will have another Weekly Wednesday thing for you - running over there now to check!


Teena Churchill said...

Really great cleaning ideas with the boxes.. My hubby is a carpenter, I should get him to build me some shelves outside of the bathroom, so I can put baskets in them and fill them up with my items that I need but they do not belong anywhere lol We have a lack of storage in this house it drives me crazy. No extra closets or extra hideaway places for anything my room ends up being a storage center or put downstairs to never bee used again. Lately I have been cleaning and tossing out a lot of items I do not need also I have been giving away items to those who need it. Over the past 8 years in the same house items gather up fast lol. I am very glad that you are feeling at home now that's wonderful.

Telisha Garris said...

I love my home! Really I do - but it was not built with USING the space to its fullest. Lots of wall to wall space not a lot of storage.
I will be redoing my laundry room with the cabinets I pull out when I redo my kitchen.
Anything and everything to create more useable space!

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