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Thursday, January 26, 2012

An Ending and a Begining - W.W.W4

So W.W.W4 = Weekly Workshop Week 4 - in case you were wondering.
Also this is the last of the Extreme Self care Workshop next up from Hope-filled living is making a prayer journal.

To value yourself ~ and to find your outlet & passion. Find your inner secret talent, skill, love, or "voice".
For me its writing. My first draft never conveys what I want it to say.
Before my mother passed I would scrap it, move on and try again with a new idea. Never finishing a story.
After she passed away I needed a place to hide - mentally - I started a story.
From the first several chapters came people, a story, a way to bring a vision about. However, if you read the "original" chapters I started with 5 years ago you would not find much similar to the opening chapters now.

I needed to find new ways to write it, to hear it, to start it. The people and the vision stayed the same. The story may seemed to have changed but in truth it didn't. I started at a different place, with different people and a different time period. Taking the other start and moving in into the story in better pieces allowing for a better pull, build and read.
I needed to rewrite and have feedback by several key people over the years to help bring out the best my story had to offer. Finally book one is beginning to really shine!

To get started on finding and achieving more set some goals:
A good idea or example is to write three goals in the following categories. Remember to make your goal statements bite size enough that you can achieve them, yet big enough that you have to work toward accomplishing them!

Family Goals:
1. Get the house clean
2. Maintain it
3. Add in 30 min of exercise everyday
(Good concrete examples are: Spend 30 minutes per day quality time with each person. Schedule a 7-day vacation. Etc.)

Educational Goals:
1. Help Prissy catch up
2. Help motivate Littleman
3. Get hubby back into school

Work/Career Goals:
1. Finish book one! (very close)
2. Work with my new editor (will start in a few weeks)
3. Start searching for an Agent

Personal Goals:
1. Lose some weight (ok LOTS of weight)
2. Work on books
3. Work on work (trust me I know what this means even if you don't)

As far as the last part of the exercise Holding a self care retreat. I can not. I have spent the last 6 years retreating from life, pain, family, friends and so much more. Now is not the time for me to retreat but to finally come out. When I get overwhelmed or need to hide away I will finish this, but for now I have work to do.

Speaking of that ~ my kitchen is clean, living room bearable and bathroom almost all clean (will be done by days end.) After that I finish the bedroom and then amazingly enough I start tomorrow on the downstairs - which is much easier to clean now that we have done some work on it.

My shoulder hurts from all the work I have been doing this week but hopefully keeping it up will hurt less than an angry attack on my slothfulness.
Ps. for those that don't know me I clean when I'm angry. I am trying to learn and practice cleaning when I am happy, calm, blah, ect.

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High Heeled Life said...

Hope your shoulder feels better ... turn on some fun music before tackling the "chores" ...xo

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