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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Winters Breath

Today winter finally arrived in Utah. This has been a very strange year - bitter cold with no snow.

In fact today in less then a 12 hour period we have received more snow then the whole of the winter so far! To celebrate I, of course, went running around the yard with my camera!

My little gnome under the snow, part of my flower bed and then part of my tree. ;)
I love my new camera - all the features, settings and how crisp and clear everything comes out!

I have been working on my new resolutions - while I am busy caring for my sick little girl - I am no longer neglecting my own needs. A good life has balance.

Click photo to travel to my food blog! ;)

Just remember life is what YOU make it.
It can be fun, active, busy, full or it could be bitter, unhappy, boring and lonely.
You make your own choices as to how you handle what comes into your life.
I have learned how to trust God - for our everything - food, house, car, money & health.
I have learned how to laugh in the hard times.
To enjoy those around me, to feel their love, even when I don't understand why they love me.

Love, hope, joy & peace are treasures - but you have to find them - they don't just appear!

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High Heeled Life said...

It has been a strange winter... bitter cold here too, with little snow. Though I could without the cold I'm not complaining ..being able to get out and drive without extra-stress due to snow/ice covered roads is a blessing, out here in the country.

Your photos are brilliant.. off to check out your food blog!! xo HHL

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