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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crafty Feelings and Eye Masks

Now I know you are all wondering just what I was up to yesterday ~ I have changed all 3 of my blog looks (again) and have been somewhat hyper lately what with cleaning and all...add to that this post title and you may be wondering if I have knocked over a bank.

To End the suspense - I will confess - I was feeling very crafty the other day (yesterday) I didn't want to clean anymore.
My blogs and book had been worked on but my eyes hurt.
The kids were home early from school and very hyper as they are now off track for the next three weeks. I needed something that would occupy me in the same room as the kids.

So after much digging around in my mothers old sewing supplies I found one of the two ideas I had formed on how to fix my favorite eye mask.

Now eye masks in stores are fairly common. I, in fact, own 5.
That said my first one is my favorite. I bought it from Eco Tools through Target several years ago.
Target's here still carry the line just not the mask. While I do love to order things online I also like to order more than one thing at a time from a store to make the shipping worth it.

Now from the first photo you can tell that the elastic has had it. Not very surprising as its 4-5 years old (possibly older I was shopping with my sister at the time and I think she still lived here)
The second photo is after I had cut the old elastic off and was first attaching the new elastic on.
Third is one side full attached.

Now came the dilemma should I reattach it the way it had been? Sew onto both sides with Velcro in the middle?
I didn't really like that on one of the other eye masks I owned as it always pulled my hair.
So I dug through my mothers sewing supplies looking for inspiration - my first idea was a tri-fold hook - like on purses, overalls and other easy adjustable things.
However I found that my mother had an eyelet machine and several eyelets!
Voila! One hour of searching, cutting and sewing and I have my favorite eye mask working again!

When the mask itself finally wears out I will buy another one directly from them! Seriously the best ever eye mask!
Washes well, soft, comfort fit & you can cry while you sleep! (yes I do do that)

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