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Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Look - Round Two

So far it looks like everyone really likes the useability of the old rather than the flash and pretty of the newer.

I have found and added the linkwithin feature so that my older posts will show up - directing new readers to old blogs.
I do like the style of the new - however, I already sent off a message to Google stating that I would much prefer to have the new "Dynamic" look if they kept a small side bar allowing for the follow me, past links and friend blog posts.

I most likely will go with the Dynamic style on my food blog (I only have 9 followers after 2 years not really worried about losing what I don't have)
This way at least it will LOOK pretty if not useable ;) and yes to answer your unspoken unheard thought - yes I am insane. Its rather fun you know!

Thank you everyone for you great feedback!


Tired Mom said...

I like this way SO MUCH BETTER! =D

Heather said...

I wish they would have the side bar with those looks cause some are nice looking just it sucks not having it! My cousin (Mandy) has one of those which means I have never figured out how I can follow her blog! So I don't check it much cause of that.

Telisha Garris said...

You can follow by RSS (upper right hand corner) but same again I always forget to check my blogger RSS Feed for content

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