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Sunday, January 15, 2012

LittleMan grows up

One moment he's hanging on mama
wanting juice, hugs and mama time
the next
he's laying down chillin' playing video games

I about cried last night when I saw him do this!
He is no longer my little boy!

Now onto my dog
I love my little guy
even his quirks
like how he loves to walk along and sit on the top of the couch
like a cat.
That snores!

Today we are all feeling very blah... Littleman has a cold
I have something that is making me want to sleep and Prissy is whiny.
Praying tomorrow is better or we will have to cancel our playdate with Tired Mom.

Also: with all the new changes to my page I will be adding in line breaks - this mean that instead of the whole post showing only the top part will be visible allowing easier scrolling, and seeing more of my blog in one glance. I, however, have lots of Facebook readers, thus I will go behind and add the page break in the DAY AFTER I posted it.
Allowing the first post in the blog to be whole and easy to read before getting cut. 
How to view the whole blog you just need to click - read more ;)


Heather said...

HOw fo you add line breaks? My blog needs that lol

Telisha Garris said...

When you are making a blog post right next to the photo & web link is a page the is cut in half. You more your cursor where you want the page break to be click the page break sign and voila! It done!


Wiley said...

One of our dogs does the cat couch sleeping thing too!

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