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Monday, January 16, 2012

Free Advice Vol. 6 Survivor & Budgeting

A few months ago I wrote a blog titled: Free Advice Vol. 5 Survivor President 
Before that was Reform & Cuts

Today I am following them up.

Fixing the budget is actually very easy - if we could get a president and the entire hill to commit to doing it.

What needs to be done is simple.

1. Stop lending money to other countries - our BANK is EMPTY. We OWE Billions and billions of dollars - how dare we give money away BEFORE paying off our own debt?!

2. The countries that we have loaned money too in the past need to start repaying the debt. Personally even 100.00 a month is good for me. Its shows effort, good faith and it will be a PLUS instead of a negative.

3. We continually listen to banter, arguments on budget cuts, budget reforms and all things Budget related and completely miss the issue.
The issues isn't agreeing on what to budget and where. 


Before we can even begin to worry about what is being budgeted and where the money is going we need to stop the areas and people that continually run over budget. 
This HAS to be addressed. I don't care if they are threatened with Jail time, paying it back, getting fired... no company in the world would continue to allow someone to go over budget by MILLIONS and at times BILLIONS.

4. At this moment unless a country is our ally - a good solid ally - we don't step in and go to war to protect anyone from any other thing.
I, a tax payer, do not need to pay for a pointless war because they want to keep OIL safe. Not people - OIL. ~ Lets support more green ideas and green energy that we can create HERE in our own country, paying our own people.

The next major problem is Presidential campaigning and BUYING the white house.

I started this idea last year and I have decided that I really like it.

Its called Survivor President. 

How it works is simple - we are all getting bored of traditional survivor - random people and celebrities on an island doing the same challenges....
We are also bored with Politicking, back stabbing, double talking and hidden agendas. 
This is what I think needs to happen. Each man running for office picks his immediate cabinet at the beginning of the race. - maybe a ten person team, made up of people named for particular offices. 

Each team is sent to the same island. They are given small bungalows with apprentice like area's (internet, computers and maybe one professional researcher).
They will each be able to have ONE campaign slogan ~ they will not be allowed to change it.

Each week they will be given hard tasks and asked how they would handle them - budgeting, wars, terrorism, treaties, healthcare, debt, marriage rights, abortion, Green energy Vs. Oil, Job markets, Housing costs, the economy.

Each month one team will get voted off - each person will call in and use their S.S as a pin number to vote once.

Lets face it - we all are sick of the backstabbing. I don't care who did what 20 years ago. I care about who they are NOW and what they plan on doing for our country.
I want a smaller party to have the SAME chances of getting elected as the large multi million dollar parties.
After watching survivor, apprentice, big brother house ect. and several years of Presidential campaigning I regret to say that I know more about the people on reality tv then the people running for office.

Another bonus - instead of hearing a presidential candidate say one thing to one group of people and another thing to another group - we would ALL hear the same words at the same time.

I say every 4 years we do Presidential Survivor on an island, so we can really get to know the man and the team he would bring to the office.


winnifred said...
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Telisha Garris said...

Yes we are a "Broke" country we OWE Billions. Just because we like to play the rich and affluent doesn't me we are.
The Federal government owes Millions. Most every state has their own debts also into the millions.
We act like we are wealthy we in fact we are not.

Telisha Garris said...

"me" instead of "mean"

getting sick of idiots defending our outrageous over spending.

High Heeled Life said...

Great post! I think it's not just the USA that needs to look at taking care of it's people first. Here in Canada ... many feel the same. You go Girl! xo HHL

Karen -AspergersMom said...

The money they spend on the campaigns alone could help solve our budget crisis. It's really sick!

Telisha Garris said...

Karen - I fully agree with you there it's why the whole "race" for the white house is a joke now days.

Evelyn said...

Love this idea!!

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